IN30 Torrey Pines Scientific Chilling Incubator, Bench Top, Digital
IN30 Torrey Pines Scientific Chilling Incubator, Bench Top, Digital
Item# IN30

Product Description

IN30 Torrey Pines Scientific Chilling Incubator, Bench Top, Digital


Chill or Heat from 4.0 C to 70.0 C in 27.5 Liter or 55 Liter Volume Units with Precise Control„ Even at Ambient

Incubators Features

• Peltier based. No compressors, no CFC's. Energy efficient.
• Temperature range from 4.0 C to 70.0 C
• FULLY PROGRAMMABLE or non-programmable controls
• 27.5 or 55 liter volumes
• Timer with alarm and auto-off
• Electronic calibration and power failure protection
• RS232 interface
• 12 month warranty
• UL, CSA, and CE listed

Some Applications

• Protein crystal growth
• Culture growth above, below or at ambient
• Enzyme reactions and deactivations
• Incubating marine cultures below ambient
• Ligations at 14.0 C to 16.0 C
• Hybridizations
• Storing Oocytes at 17.0 C
• Storing DNA libraries

Product Description:

Torrey Pines Scientific offers completely solid state convection chilling/heating incubators for bench top use that are reliable, accurate, and easy to use. Being Peltier based for both heating and chilling, the units have no compressors or CFC's making the units truly energy efficient. The IN30 Series has 27.5 liter volume, and the IN40 Series has 55 liter volume.

The models IN30 and IN40 are not programmable. The models IN35 and IN45 are fully programmable. The IN30 and IN40 have a 5/8" liquid crystal display that reads temperature to 0.1 C. The display can be changed from temperature to timer by a single key stroke. The timer reads in hours, minutes and seconds. When the timer counts down to zero it sounds an audible alarm. The timer is settable to 100 hours maximum. In addition, timers have a user settable Auto-Off which turns the heater/chiller off at zero time. The keyboard is tactile touch with audible feedback and has UP Arrow, DOWN Arrow, TEMP, TIMER and AUTO-OFF keys.

The models IN35 and IN45 are fully programmable by the user through the keyboard. The units can store three routines in memory for instant recall and use at any time. Each program has ten steps where each step is a temperature target, temperature ramp (if desired), and a run time. Steps can be set for running multiple "ramp and soak" cycles, or for just running at one temperature for a given time and then switching automatically to another temperature for another given time. At the end of each step is a "cycle" step which can be set to repeat the prior steps one to nine times. The IN35 and IN45 also can be used in the non-programmable mode as a normal incubator.

The display on the IN35 and IN45 is a two-line alphanumeric type with sixteen characters per line. The display shows target temperature and actual temperature to 0.1 C, ramp rate in C/hour, and timer in days, hours, minutes, and seconds to 99 days maximum.

All models have several safety features such as a watchdog circuit to monitor the microprocessor, and power interrupt protection that resets the units to what they were doing before power failed after power returns.

The chamber of the IN30 and IN35 is 12" high by 10" deep by 14" side to side. The units are supplied with two racks adjustable to four different levels. The chamber of the IN40 and IN45 are 24" high by 10" deep by 14" side to side. These units are supplied with four racks adjustable to six different levels. The racks are electropolished steel. The chambers on all units are seamless, molded white ABS plastic, and very easy to clean. All units have an inner and outer door. The inner door is clear plastic for sample viewing while minimally upsetting the chamber temperature.

All units have a painted aluminum chassis with plastic front panel and door. They come complete with three-wire grounded, detachable AC line cord, racks, and instruction manual. The high and neutral lines are fused and switched for safety. They are all available in 100, 115, and 230VAC, 50/60 Hz versions.

Product Specification:

Temperature (all units):
Range 4.0Á to 70.0ÁC
Readability 0.1ÁC
Accuracy ± 0.2 C
Stability ± 0.1 C
Sensor Type Solid State IC
Controller Type PID
Chamber Uniformity ± 0.5 C
Convection Fan Yes


  IN30 / IN40 IN35 / IN45
Range 99 hours 99 days
Readability 1 second 1 second
Audible Alarm Yes Yes
Auto-Off Yes Yes